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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic

Post Reply - Texas Shooting -War on Christianity has begun

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Calendar Event: Texas Shooting -War on Christianity has begun - Event Date: November 05 2017
Posted: November 07 2017 at 2:47am By jacksdad
Originally posted by Medclinician Medclinician wrote:

Originally posted by Technophobe Technophobe wrote:

Seriously, Med?  

The guy was a wife beater, animal abuser, child abuser and violent sh1tbag!  He was only at war with his family.  

To think anything else, shows you are reading fantasy, not news.

Are you on Facebook? Have you read his page or looked at the groups he was in. I have. His page is down now - in fact Facebook was down a few hours ago. The media have purged a lot of the Internet of information on this guy.

The most flimsy argument is "but he was crazy". Most people who are mass murderers are just that. Yet the social media now is more powerful than it has ever been in history. People live on Facebook, Skype and in Cyber worlds. They are lost without their smart phones, doing selfies and talking to their friends. He was one of these and crazy or not - followed CNN and listened to their fake news. He support the football players kneeling while they player our national anthem. He posted about this. Do you know this guy... really?  His friends did and also the family - and they have stories that were not even released when Fox and CNN took the ball and entered the game.

A mob is crazy. It is group crazy. And a mob no longer is just driven by someone shouting or a megaphone - it is driven by CNN, Washington Post, The New York Times, and the enemies of America.

Wait and watch - I posted this thread early this morning - in a month - in two months - things will be worse - and this will matter - it is only the beginning.


Wrong Devin Kelley, Med. Took me all of two minutes to figure that one out. Instead of attacking Technophobe, maybe you should do a little more research before you post links to conspiracy theorists that throw stuff out with caveats like "probably" and "don't quote me on that". 

This is the guy that supports NFL players exercising their First Amendment rights -