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Post Reply - War in Syria

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Topic - War in Syria
Posted: September 24 2016 at 8:26am By Dutch Josh According to Debka Russia and Syria might be planning to "push out" the Sunni-population in eastern Aleppo. The over a 100.000 Sunni-civilians would be forced to go to a "Turkish/Russian/Syrian safe zone" in northern Syria. (The "rebels" proberbly can choose between prison and getting killed). According to Debka Syria has the same kind of plans for the Israeli/Jordan border region. Sunni-citizens to be pushed into "safe zones" close to the border. cutting of water supply means that Syria and Russia want to end the battle for Aleppo in the coming days. (This plan may have been part of the Russian-US peaceplan ?

Several thousends of Russian forces are supposed to be fighting in the Aleppo-region (?) US and other NATO special forces proberbly not that far away from the fighting (and on the "rebel side" fighting the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian "advisors", "volunteers" etc. and regular Russian Army ???)

The Russian attack on a western/rebel operation center near Aleppo came after that center was the info-basis for the US/IS-attack on Syrian (and Russian) forces in eastern Syria. (Israeli News Live) and (DJ the attack on Syrian (and Russian/Chinese (???) intelligence) forces in Eastern Syria by the US was a decleration of war for Russia (and proberbly also for Iran and Syria). Turkey (as a NATO-member !!!) can deal with the Kurds in Syria (and Iraq) when it cooperates with Russia and Syria. 

(DJ) Although Bush and Blair are the ones who started the illegal war against Iraq, Obama is the main person responsible for the wars in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the continuation of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq.