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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic

Post Reply - The Fake Media - Fox and CNN won't give up

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Topic - The Fake Media - Fox and CNN won't give up
Posted: August 03 2017 at 7:05am By Medclinician
Originally posted by Satori Satori wrote:

his performance at the G20 spoke volumes

he is weak,ineffective and was disrespected by numerous other world leaders
Putin OWNS Trump and probably does have some real dirt on him
thats why he is pressing so hard to eliminate the sanctions that have been placed

its hard for anyone to take a clown seriously

The clown was Hillary Clinton who was not only a criminal, told lies throughout her campaign and should be in jail.  This is not a fashion show and we don't need movie stars to lead our country or in politics.

The Stock market and the American economy are soaring like almost never before except under Bush. It has gained over 3500 points, the unemployment rate is 4.4% and even the GDP is more than it was during the entire Obama Administration.

 Even William Shatner, Captain Kirk of the Enterprise, has tweeted the the Social Justice Warrior are not like the hippies of the 60s. They are fighting for special interest groups who want special grants and consideration and are totally oblivious to the rest of America.

This obsession with posting pictures of Trump who loves his family, has been a good father versus cheating on his wife in a public scandal (Bill Clinton), having an organization that took bribes from hundreds of foreign nationals in pay for play, and Hillary who should go to jail for investigations which will resume once more into criminal ones is a waste of time.

Some of the DNC staff are guilty of leaking top secret information and unmasking people which is a federal crime and they should go to jail for,  in an attempt to get Hillary elected.

Presently Trump is forcing the Republicans back into session in the middle of Summer to pass some type of health plan for the millions of Americans who have none.

One of the greatest problems we have, is a massive number of people who have nothing better to do, since they don't work or contribute to our society in any way and simply take, take, take and give nothing back. This included a massive number of immigrants who are criminals and deported as many as several dozens of times who come back to kill people, join gangs in New York and other big cities, and need to be permanently sent back.

Illegal immigration has decreased 70%. We have the strongest and most powerful foreign policy we have had since Obama literally hid and would not take any useful action to stop ISIS, get Assad out of power before he bombed children with nerve gas, and Obama abandoned our fighters in Afghanistan.

What is this with some people these days? They are more interested in fighting for bathrooms for transgenders which to me is definitely not a natural right to change your sex by operation. How did we get to this point?  8 years of Obama and an agenda that were more interested in putting a Black President in office with no consideration of how qualified or good that would be for America to push favoritism and reverse discrimination to its current high.

I am tired of reading the daily dirt spewed out by the mainstream media and parroted by people who have no real cognition of what matters in our government or the life of Americans. People are dying in the streets homeless and getting no medical care. Social Security is on the brink and has been and we need a huge economic boost or we all will suffer.

This applies to anyone trying to start a business, looking for a job, even wanting more sleep at night. I am tired of seeing people raised to their level of incompetency because of gender, race, or sexual preference. That is the absolute opposite of how it should be. There is too much emphasis on tanking all the Christians which is a mirror of what is happening in the Middle East where they are hunted. I am not interested in seeing Blasphomet - Satan being put up in a high place in Oklahoma while our crosses are being torn down across America.

This is a lot more significant than pictures of Trump hugging his son.  This is the America Hillary Clinton, who might as well be a paying member of the LBGT and has lied consistently to the American people and courted immigrants to vote for her illegally.

The Clinton foundations was a brothel of special favors to foreign governments and for speeches payed thousands by Russia even.

Wake up and smell the coffee. I am tired of the people trying to take In God We Trust off the money and destroy all that has been built in more than 200 years.

We who are Christians have tolerated all faiths and despite rants, we do not blow ourselves up in public places and are terrorists. So far, around the world, I have yet to read or see a single story of a Christian terrorist. Perhaps there is one but so far- the last 20 years - we have been fighting to keep America from being invaded.

Trump is not going to be impeached. The whiners can whine as he improves our country, economy, military, immigration and even health care. The media can stoke the fires for the witch hunt which is now uncovering the treason of Hillary Clinton  putting information on an server which was hacked by our enemies.

American business was over-regulated so we were dying trying to compete with offshore countries who were ruining us. The "Save the Whales" bunch never saved the whales and ignored the need for a strong fishing industry and that part of the economy. The attack on the coal industry damned most of West Virginia and destroyed their jobs. They abandoned the "Rust Belt" and Detroit that is an Apocalypse Now landscape as the Japanese stole our automobile which we invented.

They said in the last days, all this stuff would happen. We would have idols on the high places, moral corruption equal or more than Sodom and plagues and destruction.

If someone doesn't turn this around, and Trump is trying, America will be speaking a foreign language and a third world country until they are finally blown up.

That is reality.  It is time for us to build up our defenses, show the world we have strength courage and the moral conviction to do what is right for our people. 
Way past that time - we are long overdue for a change and I am glad it is coming.