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Online Discussion: Tracking new emerging diseases and the next pandemic since 2005; Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Discussion Forum.

Cure for the Avian Flu

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    Posted: September 28 2006 at 5:44pm
American Biotech Labs — A Quiet Company

Chances are you have never heard of American Biotech Labs, but don't assume that it's not worth knowing who they are and what they do. American Biotech Labs (ABL), headquarters in Alpine Utah, provide innovation and problem solving for companies, governments, and everyday people. At ABL, a team of experts quietly go about the task of finding the hidden keys that unlock the gate to improved health and happiness, without a great deal of fan fare or hoopla. Many of the ABL products are found under private labels of very large (billion dollar) companies. ABL can typically be found, behind the scenes, providing the cutting edge technology necessary to accomplishing that which some of the largest companies in the world have not been able to do.

The experts at ABL have created a patented technology that transforms pure silver into sub-micron or nano-sized particles. These tiny engineered particles react very differently than any of the other more common forms of silver products. Over sixty studies, by some of the worlds leading institutions and scientists, have verified the astounding results achieved from the ABL technology. American Biotech Labs' products have been proven to kill, inactivate, or render harmless some of the most deadly pathogens know to man.

Studies have been completed that show that the company's supplement product can mitigate one of the most lethal diseases in the world today (Malaria) in an average of just five days, for less than a handful of dollars per case or person. Major independent labs, universities, and government institutions have proven the product's ability to kill deadly pathogens including: anthrax, SARS, flesh eating staph, leishmaniasis (Bagdad Boils), and Tuberculosis. It also kills food poisoning bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Other deadly pathogens can be killed as well, such as: deadly viruses, black mold, yeast, and yes even the latest world problem H5-N1 bird flu. All this is accomplished with a product that is safe enough to drink which hundreds of thousands of people do every day, all over the world.

To date, the company has been issued three EPA approvals for hard-surface disinfection of bacteria, biofilms and odor-causing bacteria. Three patents have been issued to the company with hundreds of pages of patents currently pending. ABL's supplement product was found to be so successful in the treatment of Malaria in independent human studies, that one African country granted them a homeopathic drug approval. Recently an officer of the company testified before a Congressional Committee as to the success of those human studies and their products unprecedented effect on Malaria.

ABL has been asked to update numerous Congressmen and Senators on Capital Hill about their technology's unparalleled capability to control human pathogens. ABL has briefed numerous leaders in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Pentagon. ABL representatives have twice met with the Surgeon General of the United States. ABL is currently working with a number of government and military organizations, including: DHS, SOMA, and the William Beaumont Army Medical Center. ABL has been granted purchase contracts with the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency), GSA, and also Veterans Hospitals for both their supplement and also disinfectant products.

ABL has four products on the market now, with a fifth product set to be released this month. Their products can be found in national chain stores like GNC, and literally thousands of health food stores across the United States, doctors offices, hospitals, clinics and some government offices where officials are in the know. Hundreds of thousands of bottles of ABL products are shipped under private labels to countries all over the world, including Canada, Russia, the UK and numerous other countries.

So, if American Biotech Labs can really solve many of the world's most deadly microbial problems, why haven't you heard about them? ABL management would only say, "Many of the people who need to know about us already do. Many government agencies have been briefed about the ABL technology and the unparalleled product capability to protect public health. We are not looking for the front page. We like solving companies', hospitals', and everyday people's problems mostly from behind the scenes. I guess you can say that we do very well by doing good. We have one of the top-selling mineral supplement products in the whole country, and yet chances are that you have never seen an advertisement on our products. News of our products and their abilities seems to spread very quickly by word-of-mouth, and that frees us up to do what we do best, which is to find solutions to current, as well as potential upcoming problems of both National and international importance. Our Utah office has hosted visits from representatives of companies and governments from all over the world, including India, Ireland, Africa, China, Japan, and the Middle East. The fact is that we can do some things that few other people in the world can efficiently do."

Test Work From Numerous Labs And Institutions

American Biotech Labs currently has test work from 37 different EPA and FDA approved labs, government and military agencies, and major universities and international companies. The company has completed test work against Anthrax at IIT, tests against SARS with the NIH (National Institute OF Health), Yeast tests with the University Of California at Davis, food disinfection at Kansas State, Leishmaniasis with William Beaumont Army Medical Center where the product killed the Bagdad boils pathogen at only 1-2 ppm. Numerous anti-microbial studies have been completed at Brigham Young University, as well as test work against Hepatitis b. and with Viridis BioPharma in India. Tests against Malaria were conducted at four different hospitals in Ghana, West Africa. The list goes on and on. Currently the company has started a series of tests in which the ASAP and Silver Biotics supplement products are being tested in test tubes against a number of viral strains of the bird flu. This is information may soon prove invaluable to people worldwide. The product has already been shown to successfully kill several strains of the bird flu in the test tube.

Importance Of The Supplement Product

The importance of a bird-flu-killing supplement product has yet to be determined. But, information is coming to light from numerous sources suggesting that the drug Tamiflu™ will most likely have little or no effect on the bird flu, and that there are so few doses of the product available anyway, that most people would have little or no chance of getting some, even if it did work. Add to that the fact that other treatment options, like an effective vaccine, are still years away, most common people will have little chance of having anything to protect themselves, and their families, should the bird flu go pandemic. ABL's supplement has at least proven to be able to beat the flu in the test tube, which is something that Tamiflu ™ has yet to accomplish. When asked why ABL doesn't try to get the product approved as a drug, the reply was that if the bird flu hits in the next few years there wouldn't be enough time to do it, and even if they tried, they expect that it may not be worth the political fight. Another asset which the product has is that it is safe enough to take prophylactically (used or taken every day), the importance of this being that it is much easier to fight a problem pathogen a little at a time from the start, rather than waiting until a person exhibits or finally feels the full symptoms coming on. In other words, it is a lot harder to fight a virus after it has multiplied in your system and you have all the symptoms of the full-blown disease.

Of the bird flu cases that have been found and reported, and drug treatments in many cases have been given, over 50% of the infected people have died. This means that if you come down with the disease and then seek treatment, the odds of your surviving the disease, even with drug treatment after infection, is not good. The real problem is that many experts are stating that a person can have the disease and be able to spread it to others for as many as 10 days, before they show any symptoms of having the Bird Flu. If the virus has ten days to build up in the body before it is recognized that a person needs treatment, that person would be past the time in which any known anti flu drug can claim usefulness, most approved drugs claim that treatment needs to begin within 24-48 hours after infection starts. It would seem the prophylactic use of the ABL supplement may be one of few viable options.

Currently, the American Biotech Labs' supplement product (under the Silver Biotics label) is available in thousands of health food stores, like GNC, all across the United States, and the public has easy access to it. ABL management has stated that if they did get it approved by the FDA and it became a drug, fewer people would be able to get it, and the cost would go up substantially. ABL believes they can do more good by leaving it as a supplement and not making any claims about it themselves. That way anyone can purchase the product at their local health food store any time they need or desire it, instead of only being able to get the product after a doctors visit by prescription. Other important scientific groups can continue report their findings and take the credit. ABL has stated that they just want to be able to continue to give people hope and a first line of defense when they need it.

A Unique But Effective Kind Of Disinfectant

American Biotech Labs' ASAP AGX-32 product is a new and very different kind of disinfectant. It has no color, smell, chemicals, or human toxicity, and yet the product is highly effective at killing deadly human pathogens. The ABL product is not designed to compete with the giant disinfectant products. Rather, it was designed with the specific purpose to disinfect areas in and around where people, including children, live and work and play, with no negative effect. An added bonus is that the places where the product is used will not have that disinfectant smell that many hospitals, doctors offices and dental offices have.

The ABL product has its own unique niche, in the fact that it can be safely used to disinfect a number of surfaces which other toxic disinfectants cannot be used. It could safely be used for disinfecting a child's wheelchair with the child still in it, disinfecting an operating room while the doctors work on a patient, disinfecting around a bed where a war veteran is recovering and can't easily be moved. The ABL product can also be used to disinfect a military tank, submarine or helicopter, in tight quarters, with everyone still at work. The ASAP AGX-32 disinfectant product will not irritate the eyes or skin. It is so effective that it can kill some of the deadliest pathogens in minutes, (it killed 81,000,000 bubonic plague or Y. Pestis bacteria in just two minutes of contact time) but if a small child were to accidently drink the whole bottle, the child would not suffer any negative effects.

The ASAP AGX-32 disinfectant product is fully approved by the U.S. EPA as a hard-surface disinfectant, for any medical facility, industrial, commercial or even residential usage. As the company states, "The ABL product is strong enough to disinfect a hospital operating room and gentle enough to disinfect a baby's crib." The ABL product is approved to kill gram-negative, gram-positive and even nosocomial or hospital-mutated pathogens. New test work has already been filed with the EPA to expand the approval to include not only bacteria, but also yeast and black mold (environmental fungi), all with just a 10 minute kill time. In animal toxicity tests the ABL product had no negative effect on the test animals, even when it was injected into them at levels of up to 5000 milligrams-per-kilogram of body weight.

Historically, to use a regular disinfectant a person would need to put on gloves and a mask, move everyone from the room, disinfect, disinfect from the disinfectant, and then let people back into the room to work. The next person that walks into the room may then reinfect the whole area. The benefit of using the American Biotech Labs' product is that it can be used to disinfect an area while people are working in the room, and the user has the option to disinfect again an hour later if they choose to. No gloves or masks are needed and the people working or recovering in that room, would never have to leave the room while it is being disinfected. The product will not irritate a persons skin or eyes. The government approval on the ASAP AGX-32 product currently lists the product as: Bactericidal -Disinfectant - Antimicrobial - Cleaner - Bacteriostat.

Broad Spectrum

The technology that ABL created is very broad spectrum in its ability to kill a wide variety of deadly pathogens. Out of the thousands of antimicrobial tests that have been completed, the company has not found one pathogen that the engineered product could not kill. Test pathogens include: yeast, fungus, black mold, bacteria, virus and also a number of pathogenic protozoa. Research attributes this unprecedented anti-microbial success to the multiple modes of action of the ABL product. Because the product utilizes these multiple modes of action (different ways of killing the problem organisms ), pathogens are less likely to mutate around the technology, and therefor die at the same levels each time tested.

Drug Adjunct

One of the most important uses of the ABL technology may be as a drug adjunct. A peer review paper due out later this year examines the potential of using the American Biotech Labs' engineered nano product in conjunction with antibiotics to fight resistant pathogens and disease. In the paper, the authors tested the additive value of using the product with 19 different antibiotics, and found in the study that indeed the product did have an additive value in each test case. This means that potentially the ABL product could be added as an additional supplement treatment with drugs, to make the drugs more effective. In an era where many, if not most drugs, are losing their abilities to treat infections because of bacterial resistance to the drugs, adding in the nano product as an adjunct or addition to treatment may be a huge advantage to both the drug companies and also to the end user or patients. The drug companies would benefit because their drugs could remain effective for longer periods of time and thereby continue to add to profits, while the patients benefit because the product has the potential to significantly reduce their hospital down-time, as well as reduce the potential risk of acquiring a serious secondary or superbug infection, which are so common in hospitals today.


While American Biotech Labs is in fact a quiet company that tries to stay out of the limelight, the technology they created may just save your life someday. Through the use of a number of different products, including supplements, disinfectants, or drug adjuncts, the need to know who ABL is, may become very important to you or your loved ones in the future. Knowledge is power, and there is nothing worse than seeing a loved one slip away and not having the power to do anything about it, especially when there may be something out there that could help them. This quiet company seems to be working hard to provide that kind of hope.   
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