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Now tracking the new emerging South Africa Omicron Variant

pandemic breakfast

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Adviser Group

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Part 2, 

DJ-since I see some parallels with WAR-(lack of) strategy...

Ukraine and Russia with Türkiye/UN help agreed on grain export from Ukraine...within hours Ukraine claiming Russia is shelling Odessa-port...Russia denies it...DJ-My impression is Ukraine only signs agreements to use it for propaganda...

[url][/url] or did put a writing from Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister...

DJ-I do NOT agree with a lots of views from hal turner...I also do NOT agree with all of Lavrov his story. Putin and his government political is "right of the middle" maybe closer to US republicans, UK conservatives however with lots of major differences...Russia simply is NOT the US, UK or EU...

Most non-western countries are moving by now towards the Russian claim the Ukraine "intervention" was meant to avoid an even larger war with NATO. NATO going for a neo-colonial global power grab...with the US setting "international rules" exploiting the rest of the world in the interests of their 0,1%...

DJ-I share the vision of a "global NATO" being a very unwelcome neo-colonial powerblock...also anti-democratic...NOT in the interests of 99,9% of the global population...

But my idea of it all is not relevant...In Europe countries are trying to find ways out of this Ukraine war...[url][/url] or Military Summary is giving me more and more the impression that in Ukraine itself division is growing...

Again-most Ukrainians voted for zelensky to get OUT of the conflict....I think a lot of Ukrainians start realizing they are used by "the west" (US/UK most...) for a "western agenda"...

Russia now forming its own pro-Russian Ukraine Army...It may be offering "a way out" for lots of Ukrainians...zelensky has lost his popularity...Most likely zelensky is now only in his position because of "western=US"support...a puppet...

biden may push for more weapons, further escalation....Both in the US and UK support for another endless war-with very high economic and political costs-is decreasing. US democrats, UK conservatives may lose a next election over this war...

Again ! The west was in a much stronger position only six months ago....pushing for further NATO expansion eastwards may have destroyed NATO....Türkiye by now may have better relations with Russia and Iran then with the US...Erdogan still may block Sweden, Finland joining NATO in Turkish parliament...Other NATO members also need parliament to agree with further NATO expansinism...

Coming winter "most of the west" may face an energy crisis....Russia is selling its grain to "friendly countries" (sometimes for Rubles, trade with India and Türkiye may be in their currencies...).

US policies towards Taiwan are even further pushing China into military cooperation with Russia...North Korea may get a role in Ukraine reconstruction...Russia-Iran-India trade is booming ! Gazprom may build pipelines (via international waters-so south of Pakistan !) allowing Iran to export oil and gas to India...payment NOT in US$ !

The strategy;

US, biden, did provoke this Ukraine-NATO expansion war....I would not be surprised if CoViD was a very welcome excuse for K.Harris to replace biden....

In the UK liz truss [url][/url] or WION-India short bio on expected to replace bojo...

DJ-Both harris and truss may make matters even worse...elections however may limit the damage they can do. 

For the "United" Kingdom I expect reunification of Ireland, Scotland going for independence are real possibilities...The "United" States may not be "breaking up in this way". But for the US the suppreme court decission on abortion-rules NOT being a federal US issue -possibly also for lots of other matters- may result in weakening on the federal "United" part. 

The [url][/url] or may be under pressure...

Of course there is also NATO...US largest, Türkiye second largest army...France-still in many ways a global player with French its own interests-may be going against US/UK interests also a major NATO player...Germany least in practice it is running out of weapons (being send to Ukraine), energy, finance...

Brings me to the EU-that did become the European NATO political arm-never meant to move that way...

Major European companies want a much more neutral EU to be able to do trade around the globe...This (insane) sanctions war is NOT backed by those European companies...

Russia is NOT either isolated or facing economic destruction....The western very wrong idea was sanctions and support (for Ukraine) would "end Putin" (biden c.s. still have a pseudo religion of Putin making trump US president...also the idea of Putin causing Brexit seem to be still supported by some "leaders/fools"...). It may end the west...

Pandemic strategy;

Going for herd/group immunity via massive vaccinations while also allowing CoViD to spread was a total disaster...some "leaders" still not willing to realize the seize of disaster it did become...

We now not only face CoViD but also monkeypox....very likely (but kept out of main stream media...embedded/state run...) other diseases will follow...

Only very drastic, draconian measures may offer some perspectives...

DJ-China has a major financial crisis-in part pandemic linked...CoViD is a global problem, monkeypox so far mainly a European/North American one...Of course climate collapse still there as well...

The only way out is a shift in priorities, global cooperation, "financial reorganization = take away the money from the rich 0,1%"...

There are still ways to limit global collapse but we have to act now if there is any use for those ways...

-"Ice blankets" may limit glacier melt...

-The IPCC had CO2 taking out of the atmosphere in its long term strategy...we have to find ways not only limiting CO2 increases but also to reduce CO2 (and others like methane). 

-nasal vaccines in combination with STOP THE SPREAD long term social strategies may limit disease (working/study from home as a rule, more robots for some jobs, other ways of social contacts...we still are human...)

-Maybe total agreement may be asking to much...but at least "do the best one can" realizing the dangers would be a major shift...

DJ The plague in the 14th century, "global military situation in 1942"...history has enough examples of hopeless looking times...we did get through those times...The 1918/19 Spanish Flu maybe killing up to 2 to 5% of the global population is not that far away...Infectious diseases as massive killers were even a "worse normal" before 1900...

Most of history average life expectency was 30-40 people getting over 60 to 80 in a historical perspective is "new"...(Of course very high number of children not getting even 10 y/o did influence life expectency statistics...). 

Humanity may face some "hard years" but with some luck and wisdom we may still see "some humans" around in 2100 ? 

End of part 2

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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part 3,

DJ "a "war has to have winners"...The "war on drugs, war on terror" wre a "war on pandemics" will be...A more realistic idea would be trying to limit drugs, terror, disease...YES-we have "to live with the virus" however that does not mean no restrictions...

[url][/url] or ;


13th polio case from KP puts question mark on vaccination
Ikram Junaidi Published July 23, 2022 - Updated about 6 hours ago

ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan strives to become polio-free, the region of southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa threatens to upend the progress, with this year’s 13th case reported on Friday.

An 18-month-old child was paralysed by wild poliovirus (WPV) in Lakki Marwat, the National Institute of Health confirmed.

The 12 other cases were also reported from southern KP, North Waziristan. With Pakistan nearly achieving the status of a polio-free country, health authorities have expressed concern over the high number of cases from the tribal districts.

“We have successfully managed to prevent the virus from spreading elsewhere despite the frequent movement of people between KP and other parts of the country. If we can contain and eliminate the virus from this area, we can win the fight against polio,” federal Health Secretary Dr Fakhre Alam Irfan told Dawn...



Child Paralyzed By Wild Polio In Lakki Marwat
Umer Jamshaid Published July 22, 2022 | 10:46 PM

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Jul, 2022 ) :Pakistan Polio Laboratory in Islamabad on Friday confirmed that an 18-month child was paralyzed by wild polio in Lakki Marwat.

The child had onset of paralysis on 20 June and was suffering from disabilities in both lower limbs. This is the thirteenth case in Pakistan this year. All children paralyzed in Pakistan this year belong to southern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP), where 12 cases are from North Waziristan alone...

DJ We have hopes to "end"polio like we managed to "end" small pox....Maybe winning a "battle" but the "for ever war" for health goes on...I do not want to live in a "for ever war" so I rather would use other words...


[url][/url] or  and [url][/url] or 

[url][/url] or ;

Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is a formal declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) of "an extraordinary event which is determined to constitute a public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease and to potentially require a coordinated international response", formulated when a situation arises that is "serious, sudden, unusual, or unexpected", which "carries implications for public health beyond the affected state's national border" and "may require immediate international action".[1] Under the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), states have a legal duty to respond promptly to a PHEIC.[2][3] The declaration is publicized by an IHR Emergency Committee (EC) of international experts,[4] which was developed following the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak.[5]

Since 2009, there have been seven PHEIC declarations:[6][7] the 2009 H1N1 (or swine flu) pandemic, the 2014 polio declaration, the 2013–2016 outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa, the 2015–16 Zika virus epidemic,[8] the 2018–20 Kivu Ebola epidemic,[9] the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,[10][11] and the ongoing 2022 monkeypox outbreak.[12] The recommendations are temporary and require reviews every three months.[1]

Automatically, SARSsmallpoxwild type poliomyelitis, and any new subtype of human influenza are considered as PHEICs and thus do not require an IHR decision to declare them as such.[13] A PHEIC is not confined to infectious diseases, and may cover an emergency caused by exposure to a chemical agent or radioactive material.[14] It can be seen as an "alarm system", a "call to action", and "last resort" measure

DJ MERS was not named a PHEIC in is a political decission...

[url][/url] or sticking to 97% of cases in gay men...unprotected sex main spread...

Others ask why there "were no rules" to stop the spread via gay-sex...

DJ-Like polio monkeypox does a lot of it spread with no or only mild symptoms...There are some reports of children getting monkeypox via surface spread. [url][/url] or is expected to develop towards a million cases in november in some models...The 17,000+ known cases are only the tip of the iceberg;

-incubation time may be three weeks.

-surface/aerosol spread still unclear...but potential a major factor..

-most cases will not have much symptoms but still spread it....

DJ The real number of monkeypox cases around the globe may be already over 100,000+ ....Like HIV-AIDS it may have started in gay does not stay in that group...

[url][/url] or ;

Potential levels of the outbreak in England

The outbreak can be considered to fall into 1 of 4 potential levels of transmission:

Level 1

Incursions from rest of the world – small numbers of imported cases with limited onward transmission.

Level 2

Transmission within a defined sub-population.

Level 3

Transmission within multiple sub-populations or larger sub-population.

Level 4

Wider significant community transmission – with potential for endemic and local epi-zoonotic disease.

These may be refined with better understanding of modes of transmission.

At present, England is judged to be in Level 2 and is being closely monitored for any evidence of Level 3.


UK transmission

Outbreak level

Level 2 is defined as transmission within a defined sub-population, currently GBMSM connected by sexual networks. Enhanced surveillance data does not suggest a change in case mix, although it is available on only 28% (576 out of 2,070) of cases and may not be representative of the whole cohort. There are 13 female cases in England (out of 2,014 with known gender). There is no robust evidence of sustained transmission outside some sexual networks of GBMSM, although the increase in female cases requires close surveillance.

Assessment (confidence): level 2 (moderate).

Route of transmission

Whilst the primary reported route is through close or sexual contact, monkeypox virus has been detected in air and environmental samples in the hospital room of infected patients. There are no confirmed instances of airborne transmission. Limited household transmission has been described in the UK.

Assessment (confidence): transmitting primarily through close or sexual contact (moderate).

DJ, UK has good surveilance...but even there some groups may not seek medical care (male prostitutes, drug addicts).  In some other countries the surveilance is even worse...Refugees are a vulnerable group-and the world may have a record number of 100 million+ of refugees...(so stop wars ! not refugees !)

The UK info has NO info on CoViD(vaccination) now there must be lots of info on CoViD links with monkeypox...My impression is most of the monkeypox cases may NOT have had a CoViD vaccination. (The US 20 y/o male polio case most likely did not even get any vaccination...may have orthodox Jewish background...). 

Maybe linking CoViD (vaccination) history with monkeypox cases is "very complex"...Some may have had CoViD in 2020...once...others may have had CoViD this year...still in recovery from it. Also on vaccines-no doubt at least some monkeypox cases may have had one or more CoViD vaccinations...but also type of vaccine and timing may be very diverse...

Still-my impression only-monkeypox would not behave in this "bizarre" way without the CoViD background...there has to be a (no doubt complex) link...

Why does it matter ?

[url][/url] or BA.2.75 may be spreading in some states of India possibly because they did not see some earlier CoViD variants...The BA.2.75 "family" for now seems to be very limited in spread outside those states in India...

#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates  TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS): 18.63% BA.5.2.1 11.37% BA.2.12.1 11.28% unassigned 9.42% BA.5.5 8.60% BA.5.1 6.53% BA.4.1 6.50% BA.5.2 4.68% BA.5.6 4.28% BA.5 4.09% BA.4   Tracker: #OmicronUpdates 07/23/22 

DJ The US may be facing over a million CoViD cases per day...most may never see testing, reporting or sequencing...

[url][/url] or 

the US has 0,06% of BA.2.75 has been under 0,1% for over a week...BA.2.76 at 0,09%...Given the way the BA.2.75 "likes" behave in India there may be local increases/explosions...

Maybe BA.5.1 "Peru-variant" [url][/url] or could become larger...

[url][/url] or BA.2.75 itself also mutating...

There are now 32 BA.2.75 (by Nextclade) on GISAID that have S:574V

31 of them cluster together. That's around 5% of all BA.2.75.

International spread has reached:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Japan

Distribution in India (yellow is this lineage, green is rest)

DJ My non-expert impression is "lots of variants spreading in lots of places"....On top of that I think people could be infected by more then one CoViD sub-variant...Lots of "chronic/long" CoViD cases may have virusses hiding in parts of their body...

We are NOT on a government level in most countries stopping the spread so for now CoViD will only get worse...

Just a recap. No point in writing much else. Nothing's going to change. Positivity up, wastewater concentration up, new hospital admissions up, currently hospitalized up. All measures far above last July. Let's see where this summer BA.5 wave ends up.

DJ goes for most countries....

I'm curious to see if BA.2.75 can continue the current prolonged (BA.2.12.1 morphed into BA.5) #Omicron wave in the US. If it is a #Delta-breakthrough variant indeed, then the South would be especially vulnerable, and August is a fruitful time of the year for SARS2 in the South.

and [url][/url] or 

Pandemic News

First BA.2.75 in Arizona 🔥 H/T @RajlabN

DJ...I think as long as BA.2.75 etc. has "freedom to move" it is only a matter of time they find places to spread/explode...mutate further...

One reappearance of the Delta derivative that we saw a few weeks ago.  Same sewershed and same mutations as before.




DJ...Delta or other older variants, mutated new subtypes, recombinations also a major worry...

Josette Schoenmakers



My view and data on BA.2.75: - India is a very big country, best to look at regions. - Even regions are bi
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group

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Limited "pandemic" news [url][/url] or

AHF can be spread by inhaling the excreted particles of the infected mouse, either: saliva, urine or feces. Another way is through the penetration of these particles in mucosal areas or small skin lesions.

It is a disease that causes fever and blood, neurological, renal and cardiovascular disorders that, without treatment, can progress to death in a period of one to two weeks.

Not very likely to have CoViD links...Symptoms -like in polio- may be mistaken as CoViD ones in milder cases...

Immunology is fascinating. Just found this interesting study published last year. It concludes that patients who developed mild COVID-19 may not be able to fight reinfection very effectively because their CD8+ T cells show signs of exhaustion. 1/

Why "herd immunity" for CoViD fails, CoViD weakening immunity...If some CoViD vaccines also results in less immunity we may have a major problem. Even if those vaccines would see less immunity for just a few weeks after vaccination...boosters may result in several times a few weeks less defenses...

“Despite my two boosters and excellent overall health, COVID made me sicker than I'd been for decades, with a fever, massive congestion, crushing fatigue, and a body that ached like I'd been beaten with a baseball bat. I'm still hacking after two weeks. It's no cold.”

DJ, for "a lot of people" my impression is CoViD itself-the acute phase- often may be mild...Only some get very ill...[url][/url] or daily deaths so far is "limited" from CoViD within 4 weeks after a positive test...

[url][/url] or however indicating excess deaths is a problem (but in these statistics also heatwave-deaths are included..."chronic/long" CoViD in combination with a heatwave is "no joke"...) 

[url][/url] or 68 countries report CoViD deaths % going up...(91 countries see cases increasing...).  "Direct" CoViD deaths per week still above 12,000...close to 2,000 per day as far as being reported... New Cases close to 1 million per day as far as reported...

Some questions;

-Do (most) new CoViD cases catch one variant of CoViD or some get more then one (say BA.5.1 AND BA.2.75 ???)

-How does CoViD in combination with Monkeypox work out ? More severe disease ? More mutations in both virusses ? 

-Some estimates go to several millions infections per day-most missed/not tested- long term perspectives ? Could we face "tens of thousends of deaths per day" this winter/december-march 2023 ? Australia deaths +23%, New Zealand +7%...however South Africa -40%, Chile -8%, Argentina +33%...

-[url][/url] or lots of new mutations/variants...How many of them will become problematic ? 

-Spread in animals could keep this pandemic going for years/decades...what is the "best possible scenario"? 

Caroline Lea #SafeEdForAll_UK

I’m immunocompromised Tested positive this morning for covid (which I think can be traced back to doctors surgery) Called #111 this morning - told antivirals would be sorted It’s 8pm and nothing I’m running out of time! @NHSuk

-Is healthcare already collapsing in silence ? 

For India;

#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #India  Top Circulating Lineages (#30DayTrends): 20.7%  unassigned 16.6%   BA.2.76 12.9%   BA.2.38 10.2%   BA.2 9.1%      BA.5.2 8.5%     BA.2.75 6.1%      BF.3 4.2%     BA.5.2.1 Tracker:

link [url][/url] or BA.2.76 and BA.2.75 now major...


#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates  TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS): 18.60% BA.5.2.1 11.80% unassigned 11.03% BA.2.12.1 9.50% BA.5.5 8.49% BA.5.1 6.42% BA.4.1 6.09% BA.5.2 4.87% BA.5.6 4.56% BA.5   Tracker: #OmicronUpdates 07/24/22 

DJ [url][/url] or BA.5.2.1 at #1, BA.2.12.1 at the US BA.2.75/BA.2.76 still under 0,01% in sequenced samples...

DJ-I expect more news later on in this week...[url][/url] or has no news -yet- on bidens health...

End for today...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
Location: Arnhem-Netherla
Status: Offline
Points: 88487
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[url][/url] or ; Some diseases are caused by a virus changing how DNA copies...radiation, some chemicals, but also virus can effect DNA reproduction...

[url][/url] or on ALS there is still a lot unknown...In sporadic ALS, there is no family history of the disease.[19] Sporadic ALS and familial ALS appear identical clinically and pathologically and are similar genetically;[54] about 10% of people with sporadic ALS have mutations in genes that are known to cause familial ALS

has a big ?...[url][/url] or also a big ? 

So-YES maybe CoViD infection may result in genetic problems...the more reason in trying NOT to get infected ! DJ-one question I have is if vaccines do not stop infection-but limit (initial) disease may vaccines then give a false sense of security ? 

Not only did massive vaccinations while not stopping the spread result in immunity evading variants...Vaccines may also not be protecting against some of the aspects CoViD infections can bring...?  Maybe some vaccines protect better then others ? Again I am not an expert...just trying to figure out what protection vaccines do give and what they do not provide...

Also lots of vaccinated people still get infected...Does vaccination weaken immunity ? For how long ? What aspects ? 

Could massive vaccinations in combination with massive Non Pharma Interventions have worked ? 

Of course offering all kinds of diseases free global travel does NOT help !

[url][/url] or 

DJ-Vaccines have to cause an immunity effect to be working...however they should not bring serious disease...Polio vaccines with live virus-parts may be "to much" resulting in disease...even spread. 

I am willing to believe "experts" did their best to produce the safest vaccines against CoViD they could think of....Vaccines are not "new"...but SARS-2 in many ways was...Did the "experts" know enough of CoViD to develop safe vaccines ? 

Also the present monkeypox spreading around the globe is behaving much different from the known (West/Central Africa) variants...[url][/url] or 

DJ-with my very limited medical knowledge...would STOP THE SPREAD not be a much better alternative for vaccines ? 

It reminds me of trying to end a wildfire with "new very effective chemicals" but in practice those chemicals worsen the would be better of using water, sand etc...Maybe a bit of a "conservative" look...but NPI, stop the spread has shown itself to be effective....

DJ Let me link the pandemic (lack of) strategy with the Ukraine-biden-war...[url][/url] or a lot of "talk" PR, empty words and lies....

Yes RT/Sputnik still banned in many countries are state-run...Also goes for Iran, China media....but is "the free western press" "embedded" doing better ? When I look at [url][/url] or I know I get the view from the Chinese rulers...(Lavrov Russian FM visiting Egypt...!)

Western media in this pandemic to much did follow government/CDC limited critical questions....MSM they failed in the many wars the west did they fail in the biden-war against "Putin"....

There was a Dutch song about East- and West-Berlin...during the cold war...You could protest in the west but were ignored...[url][/url] or  In "the east" you had to be a party member, in the "west" you have to be rich....

The "west" went for "vaccines and freedom" ...the "east" went for zero-CoViD, NPI, masks....

*Nervous Laugh* Interferon resistance of emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants

link [url][/url] or ;


In just over 2 years, SARS-CoV-2 has infected 500 million people, causing more than 6 million COVID-19 deaths. High infection rates have provided substantial opportunities for the virus to evolve, as variants with enhanced transmissibility, pathogenesis, and resistance to neutralizing antibodies have emerged. While much focus has centered on the Spike protein, mutations were also detected in other viral proteins that may inhibit the interferons, two of which, IFNα2 and IFNβ, are being repurposed for COVID-19 treatment. Here, we compared the potency of diverse human interferons against ancestral and emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2. Our data revealed increased interferon resistance in SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern, suggesting a significant but underappreciated role for innate immunity in driving the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DJ...are we running out of tools -other then NPI- against CoViD ????

UK cases [url][/url] or still going down...

[url][/url] or still reflecting low/no weekend reporting...

End of part 1...maybe more time...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Adviser Group
Adviser Group

Joined: May 01 2013
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I find it getting harder not to get cynical; both wars and pandemics seem to be ways to get "public fiat money" becoming private money for shareholders in big pharma, military...

(western) politics as a crime-scheme...NOT interested in solutions...only going for profits for "the few" eventhough it will kill billions...

[url][/url] or Alexander Mercouris admitting he does no longer understand US/western foreign policies...not only pushing for war with Russia but also-via Israel-war with Iran...a war with China...(Taiwan just one of the poinst of conflict). The "only point" I see is money...greed...insanity...

[url][/url] or with [url][/url] or coming up this weekend...STOP THE SPREAD ! 

There is no "gay virus" but for now a lot of spread is via gay men...I am not against gay-rights at all-but when most of the monkeypox-spread for now is via gay men could we try to limit it ? 

[url][/url] or do we have to organize mass-spread events ? Act as if there are no pandemics ? 

[url][/url] or has lost most of its use...If you do not test you will not find cases...even if you find cases (of CoViD, monkeypox, other diseases) ...if you do not report them "no problem"...

Still India cases +3%, deaths +12% the BA.2.75 "likes" spreading...Japan reporting 154,011 new cases, Germany 121,780, South Korea 99,268...Japan (and Iran) cases +72%, South Korea +62%, Germany -12%...

music; [url][/url] or Diana Ross-1976 "If there's a cure for this I dont want it" Love hangover...

“At least 233 TSA staffers at LAX have tested positive for the coronavirus since an outbreak was first detected among workers June 9…” But don’t worry that’s just normal now and reflects spread in the community. And besides services weren’t affected.


Important UK study look at new diagnoses of diabetes & heart problems in year following covid. They included 430K people with Covid and 430K matched controls. Risks were higher for both - much much higher for cardiovascular problems. Covid risk isn't just the initial illness.

give an impression of the totally insane situation we are in...

Of course I could also include "climate collapse" in the story [url][/url] or ...since I am not an expert I allow myself some "phantasies/hopium"; could landice slipping into the ocean -from Greenland, Antarctica- maybe "buy us time"? 

One aspect of land-ice moving into the ocean is ice-pressure on land going down. The three kilometer thick ice sheet on Greenland would push the Greenland land-mass 1 kilometer down...Antarctica will be much the same in some Antarctic area's (some other parts of Antarctica do not have snow or ice at all...).  High mountains are glued with ice...if that ice melts the mountain will break down...collapse...

Glaciers gone may mean drinking water gone....Landice melting means more earthquakes when the land under the ice moves upwards...

Our pandemic response is like getting lost in the woods. It’s never too late to start traveling in the right direction. Nobody gets lost in the woods and decides, I’ve been lost for too long or we’re in too deep, we have to live hear now. We have to continue to find a path out

DJ..."our leaders want war"....not solutions....


Waiting until cases skyrocket before implementing mask mandates creates a dangerous lag time between increased transmission and prevention measures that could actually help. @CDCgov must take action ASAP to strengthen Covid-19 guidance.

DJ, this pandemic has been the outcome of failing policies from day 1...NOT stopping (air)travel-dieases/variants get free global travel...Going for vaccines that do not stop infections and/or spread only limit (initial) disease...even masks is asking to much...

#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates  TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS): 22.86% BA.5.2.1 9.90% BA.5.5 9.74% BA.5.1 8.85% BA.2.12.1 8.35% BA.5.2 7.06% BA.4.1 5.70% BA.5.6 5.47% BA.5 3.89% BA.4 3.52% BA.4.6   Tracker: #OmicronUpdates 07/26/22 

and [url][/url] or BA.2.75 likes still very limited in the US...

I notice a sense of disbelieve, horror, on twitter...good experts stopping on twitter...What is the point of providing data if there is NO action ? 

What is the use of science when science only gets ignored ? 

DJ You can warn people...but if "leaders do not listen" they-and the people-will learn reality in a (very) hard way...

The end (well at least for today...stay safe &sane...enjoy the good things of live !)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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I look at the world from a historic perspective...Not that history "copies" itself"  but there are "patterns"...Human interaction with nature may be the main 'pattern"...the climate crisis, pandemics are the outcome of our interaction with nature...

I did write "scenario's" since the start of this pandemic almost...Economy and healthcare are interconnected. Without a functioning economy there will be no healthcare...Other side-if there is no healthcare we may not have much of an economy...

People killing eachother on a large scale -"wars"- may be the darkest side of humans...The present Ukraine war bringing massive murder closer to "the west" then most people in that west like...Of course wars are not new...Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen all did suffer western sponsored wars....for years, killing millions...The Congo war has been going on for decades-hardly "news"...

So where are we now ? 

If you ignore science problems will only get worse...Repeating vaccines without a good vaccine strategy (STOP THE SPREAD) will result in variants that are better in evading vaccines...That goes for CoViD, also for monkeypox...

Of course "freedom matters" ! But public health matters more in a crisis ! You can not make compromises, deals, with virusses, diseases..!

Monkeypox started its spread via gay men...Intervention "then & there" could have limited that crisis...well we did not intervene...

Another claim CoViD started at Wuhan...okay-then again why did we NOT stop travel in january 2020 ? Why did we allow all kinds of variants from China, India, South Africa, Latin America etc. "travel for free" ? We keep repeating the mistakes hoping for "milder virusses providing group-immunity"....

At the same time healthcare is eroding...lots of healrhcare workers go for other jobs...with better pay, lower risks...Somehow healthcare still not priority #1....

"Can't fix stupid...even if stupid will kill us all"...

[url][/url] or weekly new cases as far as tested/reported 6 million+ last two weeks...Close to 12,500 deaths last 7 days...the week before reported/tested CoViD deaths within 4 weeks after positive tests was 14,000+ ...2,000 per day...a new "normal"....

Oceania now is in winter, cases there +4%, deaths +15%...looking at Latin America, Africa however there is no "winter increase of cases"...(based on statistics...). 

Japan jumps out, cases +84%, deaths +128% (178 last week, 405 deaths these last 7 days). Cases in Japan went from 650,000 to over 1,2 million in the last 7 days...


The US is exporting its inflation via increasing interest rates (with that the US$) inside the US. However both the US$ and the Euro/€ are "market priced"...

The west is now at war with the rest....and "we" are losing that war...Russia managed to "take over" global energy...OPEC+ no longer under US control...the "petro-dollar" is now history...

The US was the main oil producer in the first half of the 20th century...when "the middle east" did take over in the early 70's the US changed "oil for gold" as backing...In a cynical view one could now claim both the US$ and Euro/€ are "backed by debt" ...our creditors do not want us to go least not now...

The Internet needs energy...and a lot of it...Why start a cyber-war when an energy-war could bring the same outcome ? 

The western sanctions war on Russia is backfiring...Why should Russia provide its enemies-going for regimechange in Moscow- provide energy to push for regime change ? 

-End of the road...

In many ways we have been "driving high speed" in a dead-end street. We soon may find out how this street ends...will it be a concrete wall...or will the road end as a bumpy non-hardened path...

History has "turningpoints", maybe the latest major one was 9-11 2001 ? Global airtraffic as good as halted for a few economic shockwave...startingpoint of a "war on terror" used to try to get Iraq, Libyan etc. oil under US control...

A new major turningpoint is on its way...[url][/url] or ...

DJ-I think Russia wants an end to the war in Ukraine before winter...since there is no point in talking to "the west" or its Kiev-puppet Russia will go for all out war in Ukraine...I would not be surprised if [url][/url] or Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Türkiye "cleaned up" Iraq and Syria from "unwanted foreign intervention"...kick out the US...

China may make its points...joined by Russia in the Pacific....[url][/url] or ..

Of course all well coordinated for maximum effect....North Korea may get included....goal is to kick the US out of Asia....Maybe even Latin America, Africa...

Russia and China making clear THEY are the #1....

It is the western (re)action that will determine further developments...If the "west wants war" it can get war....

-So where will we be coming (northern) winter...?

Russia/China in combination with many others going full economic war against "the west" to stop a neo-colonial "global NATO"....make trade-not war as a Chinese strategy... very likely hurting the west much more then bombs may do....

"Post-pandemic increase in demand" now in MSM as "cause of inflation"....Non-sense...

1, we are now in TWO pandemics not one...

2. Shortage on the labormarket at least in part pandemic related; tens-if not hundreds-of millions of chronic/acute CoViD cases...

3. The "sanctions war" is yet another disaster....

[url][/url] or ; In 1956, Phillip Cagan wrote The Monetary Dynamics of Hyperinflation, the book often regarded as the first serious study of hyperinflation and its effects[5] (though The Economics of Inflation by C. Bresciani-Turroni on the German hyperinflation was published in Italian in 1931[6]). In his book, Cagan defined a hyperinflationary episode as starting in the month that the monthly inflation rate exceeds 50%, and as ending when the monthly inflation rate drops below 50% and stays that way for at least a year.[7] Economists usually follow Cagan's description that hyperinflation occurs when the monthly inflation rate exceeds 50% (this is equivalent to a yearly rate of 12874.63%)

DJ Since both the US$ (and lots of other $) and Euro/€ are "debt based" , "Asia" controls energy, food, electronics etc. "Asia" puts the price..."we" have limited/no alternatives...

[url][/url] or the outcome of decades of sanctionswar against (mainly) Asia is "they do not need us any longer"....

Western boycot of Sputnik-V , Chinese vaccines made clear what "the west" means with a "free market"; other countries have to buy our goods at prices we make...The US now trying that strategy on the EU with LNG, [url][/url] or ...US deliver gas to Ukraine...payment later...US strategic oil going to Europe...

[url][/url] or

Since the 2014 Coup which overthrew Democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich, and put a puppet regime, favorable to the west, in his place . . . .

three giant corporations -- Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto -- bought seventeen million hectares of Ukraine agricultural land.   That's sixty percent (60%) of the total agricultural land in Ukraine!

DJ...Non-western countries could "nationalize" western companies just as easy as the west did "freeze"steal accounts of Iran, Russia, Venezuela....

Again...if "we" want a confrontation we can get a confrontation....

A concrete wall at the end of the dead-end street would be nuclear war...but a major cyber-war, conventional war could also be "bad"...

A "path" at the end of the street may offer "us" time to rethink, reposition...US, Canada, Europe may be interesting for Chinese, India, Russian investors....THEY come for our oil and gas -without any care for the enviroment- like we did to them....THEY come for our agri-culture...maybe some "whites" may be usefull as low cost workforce....

"We" ...the west...treated most other people as "second class" back time may be coming...We did not give a s..t about healthcare in Africa, Asia, Latin America....Population may be "in the way" for mining and food production...

I think we may still have some chance of "damage control" by talking to Russia on "mutual security in Europe", talking to Asian and other countries on realistic "free trade" NOT neo-colonialism...but that would need western "leaders" being realistic....

Enough for today...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Let me start with great music; [url][/url] or Chicago -live- 25 or 6 to 4 (concert in Tanglewood MA.US july 21 1970)...just love it !

At least part of the news on pandemics/wars is no longer "new" ....US-biden-pushing now also for war with China, Iran...In the UK bojo had to step down (some think this clown should lead NATO...). In Italy Mario Draghi stepped down over minor issues because (as Alexander Mercouris puts it) Draghi can see what may be fact western collapse...

in the US biden claiming "he did beat CoViD" we will see about that...when will harris replace biden...before or after mid-term in november...Here in NL farmers keep blocking roads from time to time...I think a lot of Dutch (like me) are totally fed up with present politics but do not yet see good alternatives...

San Francisco-US-state of emergency for monkeypox...New York, London, Amsterdam also may be moving into the wrong direction...a growing number of cases very likely no longer in gay men...[url][/url] or now 22,000 confirmed global cases...It may have West African roots-this monkeypox virus behaves much more agressive...Vaccines while not stopping the spread may result in better evasion of immunity...So far monkeypox seems to be unpleasant but not a major killer...

I may have missed to CoViD background for monkeypox cases...most likely because it may not be very clear any longer. New monkeypox cases in people with and without CoViD disease or vaccination...The 1 million monkeypox cases by november looks realistic...inaction the rule...

For CoViD [url][/url] or may give an indication...july 28 had 931,879 new cases reported...with no numbers from the UK, Türkiye, Spain, Canada..2,043 CoViD deaths reported...July 27 had over 1 million cases, 2,404 deaths reported...with most cases and deaths not reported ...

There are some claims "most of the population" did get vaccines against CoViD...12 billion+ vaccines being used...however some countries went for lots of boosters...On a global population of close to 8 billion-if an average for those getting vaccinated may be getting 3 vaccines (12;3=4) then 4 billion people may have been vaccinated...if the average would be 4 it may be 3 billion people (fully) vaccinated...

The vaccine strategy is a major disaster...masive use of non-sterilizing vaccines-protecting against disease but not against infection-while not stopping the spread is pushing for more vaccine evasion...The real number of people catching the CoViD virus will be in the billions...(worldometers moving towards 580 million tested/reported cases since the start of this pandemic). 

A look at twitter; 

The most important question in public health: Is the public h̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶y̶ i̶n̶f̶o̶r̶m̶e̶d̶ ̶s̶a̶f̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶t̶e̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ calm?


Number of Americans in ICU with COVID-19 reaches 5,000, highest since March

DJ, yesterday-july 28-Japan reported 207,236 new cases, 122 deaths...Australia 46,558 new cases 125 deaths...but "we have to live with disease"...

#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates  TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS): 23.94% BA.5.2.1 10.49% BA.5.5 10.48% BA.5.1 8.77% BA.5.2 8.19% BA.2.12.1 6.59% BA.4.1 5.90% BA.5.6 5.01% BA.5 3.88% BA.4 2.83% BA.4.6   Tracker: #OmicronUpdates 07/28/22 

for the US [url][/url] or BA.2.75 likes staying under 0,01% ..for now...[url][/url] or did report a new mutated BA.5.2.1 subvariant in the US...

[url][/url] or Even mild cases may see years long symptoms...

DJ long/chronic CoViD is becoming the most spread form of CoViD replacing the acute phase...Long CoViD=CoViD !

New York state declares monkeypox an imminent threat; San Francisco issues state of emergency over virus via 


“San Francisco showed during COVID that early action is essential for protecting public health,” said Mayor London Breed in a statement announcing the declaration.

Of course a big question now is how will CoViD combinate with monkeypox-disease ? One infection makes the host more vulnerable for the other...CoViD AND monkeypox does not look like a very good combination...When will we see "long/chronic monkeypox"? variants of it ? ...spread in/via non-human hosts ?

Of course H5 avian flu also at record levels this year...H5N1, H5N6, H7N7 close to major spread in humans ? 

End of part 1

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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part 2, 

Fitting music [url][/url] or Dana-1976...I do believe that you believe your fairytale....

Alexander Mercouris [url][/url] or on the EU going for CIA/MI6 "intel" that Russia would collapse under EU sanctions....Well they were wrong again...Now the CIA is claiming Russia did lose 70,000 military in Ukraine...any realism may point at less then 10,000 (pro) Russian deaths..

Embedded media going for the Ukraine-Kherson offensive...with NO air cover, hardly enough well trained military Ukraine would retake the south of Ukraine...Also a "major offensive" planned in august...

DJ The CIA missed the Afghanistan US puppet government collapse, its claims on W.M.D. in Iraq-2003 was wrong (eventhough the US paid for Weapons of Mass Destruction for Iraq-via Saudi Arabia-in the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war...). You need governments to be informed -but if "intel" only provides the info the government wants it is the end of "intel"...

[url][/url] or of course the US has been supporting "democratic movements" in Tibet, under Uyghurs, in Hong Kong...since the 1950-53 Korean War....[url][/url] or 

One option is China goes for a "no-fly zone" over Taiwan (Taiwan itself sees it as part of China...the Chinese civil war did freeze with two China's...Just like the two Korea's...once the two Vietnams...we know how the Vietnam-story went...The US want that story repeated ?). 

DJ-Since the East Asia conflict involves much more then just Taiwan, there is the South China Sea, Japan rebuilding its military, the Korea "question"., US support on Japan claims on the Kuril Islands....Russia and China may decide "a red line is a red line". There are lots of smaller islands north and east of Taiwan now under Japan occupation but with China having claims on them....Largest Island may be [url][/url] or (with long time historic links to Japan [url][/url] or Like Taiwan/Formosa [url][/url] or one may link it also with the Philippines, Pacific Island States). 

The US has been using Japan-Taiwan-(Philippines) as a blockade for (Russia and) China getting to much influance in the Pacific. Russia and China have decided the US must leave Asia...if need be by force...From the Middle East (Syria, Iraq)  to East Asia (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan). 

The Ukraine war has Ukraine forces de facto under US/UK command...fighting Russia. The US is using jihadi extremists in South Asia...(allthough now Saudi Arabia thinking of joining BRICS that may change...). 

Why further US-biden- provocations? 

Maybe as distraction from the west losing the Ukraine itself a distraction from CoViD out of control ? 

[url][/url] or China going much more for "zero-CoViD" the best they can...the "west" going for non-excisting "herd-immunity"...resulting in more subvariants, more immunity evasion...the pandemic not only getting worse but also other diseases on the rise...

Western answer...more vaccines....while NOT stopping the spread....

The growing sublineages in Denmark are BA.5.2, BA.5.1.2, BA.5.3.3, but mostly BA.2.75. 0,05%, 0,15% and 0,28% in subsequent weeks. But because of the small numbers, let's wait and see.

DJ, Lots of subvariants now co-spreading. Testing very limited so sequencing only catching a far summer did see cases lower...more outdoor activity meant less spread...It now is the end of july...August last month of summer...end of august, early september schools reopen, people return from holliday destinations...September start of autumn/fall...

Some countries in "the global south" winter face very major CoViD crises...(Australia) others (South Africa/Suid Afrika) see cases still limited...The CoViD-background of a region may be a factor...lots of one subvariant may limit the spread of another variant...while lack of a previous subvariant may see lots of new cases of a newer variant...

Limited news on non-human Omicron cases...testing/sequencing may be overstretched...Good to see [url][/url] or UK CoViD cases going down still...

This is elegant and brilliantly simple Before you start babbling about correlation and chocolate consumption and Nobel laureates This is a signal that warrants further investigation and suggests a relationship between SARS2 and hepatitis that must be further explored Simple


Dr. Deepti Gurdasani

Whatever you believe about paeds hepatitis, here's a visual plot of SARS-2 positivity against excess A&E visits of 1-4 yr olds with liver condition from 2020 onwards. Orange lines are excess A&E visits, and blue line is the SARS-CoV-2 prevalence in young children lagged to fit.

There is a lack of reporting in lots of media now both on CoViD and if ignoring the problem-starting more wars-is the answer...

End of part 2

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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part 1 

Music [url][/url] or Davd Bowie -Heroes- 1977

After the dead of Charlemange [url][/url] or "Francia" in 843 was split in three parts. France in the west, Germany in the east and in the middle "Lorraine" ...NL, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland were part of this "Middle-state"...they still speak a "mix" of their old own languages...with lots of influence of both French and German...

One could claim the Roman invasion of what now is the UK did become part of the Irish-English conflict...

My point; To understand long term processes you may have to dig deep...

In pandemics one question-how new is CoViD-at least can get answers...we did see SARS-1, MERS this century...the "Russian Flu" 1880-1890 is discussed...corona virusses are NOT new...[url][/url] or . Maybe the virus could be even older then the human species....

[url][/url] or ; Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved.[23] The origin of viruses is unclear because they do not form fossils, so molecular techniques are used to investigate how they arose.[24] In addition, viral genetic material occasionally integrates into the germline of the host organisms, by which they can be passed on vertically to the offspring of the host for many generations. This provides an invaluable source of information for paleovirologists to trace back ancient viruses that have existed up to millions of years ago. There are three main hypotheses that aim to explain the origins of viruses

DJ, Maybe "corona-virus" itself may be "new"...Since virusses are on the border of life...they need hosts (at least now) for reproduction (but hosts could be bacteria...). The general idea could indicate "corona-viral history" may indeed go back millions of years, pre-dating human species...

So-do we need a "lab-leak" to explain corona virusses showing up ? In my eyes that "theory" gets close to "flat-earth"...YES there are lots of (gain of function) studies in labs...high risk, and there have been accidents...But given bats carry over 30 corona-virusses, the way virusses did spread in history..."lab-leak" is not the most likely explanation...(fitting more in an anti-China agenda...).

We have been living with corona virusses as humans all of human existence.  Russian Flu ended, SARS-1 was limited, MERS only showing up in very low numbers...can we "live" with CoViD/SARS-2 ? 

[url][/url] or

The coronavirus was still a common cause of death at the beginning of this year. In the first quarter of this year, 3,480 people in the Netherlands died of Covid-19, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) calculated. That is 8.1 percent of the total number of deaths in the first three months of 2022.

CBS based its figures on established causes of death. Information about this is generally passed on to the stats office later than reports of the death itself. That is why a clear picture of the causes of death can only form after a few months.

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, the number of deaths attributable to the coronavirus was more than half lower at the beginning of this year. In the first three months of 2021, 8,964 people in the Netherlands died from Covid-19, 19 percent of the total deaths.

and [url][/url] or Excess mortality going up in Europe...however a major part of it related to heatwaves...

DJ [url][/url] or lots of countries starting another round of vaccinations...We may not even be out of the "summer wave" and are told to prepare for the next wave..."new vaccines doing a better job"....

My view-just my opinion-vaccination strategy only making matters is close to breaking point...we need a more effective strategy. 

-[url][/url] or now also including monkeypox deaths in Brazil, Spain...The US now #1 with 5,189 confirmed cases of monkeypox. Spain at #2 with 4,371 monkeypox cases...I did see a statistician calculating cases per million of population...Germany at #3 2,595 cases being reported..the UK long time was the #1...may have stopped reporting most cases...The close to 23,000 confirmed cases may be only 10% ??? of any realistic number ? 

[url][/url] or DJ, maybe my diet including tea, (dark) chocolate sprinkles, breakfast including an has some use ? I use anti-histamins against hay-fever...

Re: functional immune exhaustion “Selin, working with her own cells [she has #MEcfs], found that only 1-3% of her CD8+ T cells were producing these cytokines. This is in stark contrast to the amount found in healthy controls, which ranges from 50-70%” #CFS #PwME #CFSME #MyE

DJ "Immune exhaustion" as a cause for chronic ("long") CoViD...most CoViD cases will be chronic by now...

There it is.  BA.2.75 was in one of our US sewershed samples from last week.  It was about 13% of the sequence in that sewershed.   Here's the RBD sequence, pretty unmistakable.   K417N-N440K-G446S-N460K-S477N-T478K-E484A-Q498R-N501Y-Y505H

DJ First indications for the US BA.5.2.1 has competition of BA.2.75...sewage samples as an early indicator...

-Vaccines may be part of a strategy in "living with corona virusses" but maybe only a small part...Vaccines may have caused (just my opinion !) the virus to develop (via mutation selection) to better evade immunity/vaccines...

Non Pharma Interventions may help "limit" CoViD, monkeypox, other diseases...we need to start taking the pandemics serious. 

STOP THE SPREAD !!! It is totally insane we keep offering all kinds of diseases, (sub)variants free travel around the globe !!! "We" do not stop "climate change", we fail to stop pandemics...only going for profit-"politicians"..."crazy people" killing themselves !

The other side of "freedom" is "responsability"...if we fail to see that we will pay a price...

End of part 1

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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part 2

Music [url][/url] or The Stranglers -No More Heroes- 1977

This global healthcrisis has a present one would expect international cooperation and trillions of $, € going to healthcare to get us out of this crisis...It is very sad to see that;

[url][/url] or 

and [url][/url] or ; A parliamentary delegation led by former Japanese defense ministers arrived in China's Taiwan island on Wednesday to discuss "security concerns" across the Taiwan Straits. The move is seen by experts as a pretext to hype conflict, with the true intention of expanding Japan's military power.

DJ After provoking Russia by NATO expansionism-breaking agreements made in 1990 NATO would NOT move East...Now "the west" breaking its "One China policy". The US now joining Japan in the [url][/url] or ...

Taiwan sees itself as "China"-the PRC Peoples Republic of China has the same outcome of the Chinese civil war [url][/url] or 1927-1949 with a pause 1937-45 to fight Japan...Taiwan does NOT want independence-it would like to rule all of China....

Again North/South Vietnam ended in 1975 in unification...North/South Korea -outcome of world war 2- has unification as an end goal...(Yemen, Germany were split-unification followed. Sudan, Ireland still split...history is full of this kinds of conflicts...My hope was that in Europe -on Cyprus- the EU could limit conflict. But often the EU made matters worse...). 

-Maybe some history again; [url][/url] or ; The Soviet Union joined the western allies against Japan per august 9 1945-three months after the end of the (major) war in Europe...

Some claim the US used nuclear weapons on Hirosjima and Nagasaki not against Japan but to send a signal to the Soviet Union...Timing 6 and 9 of august-with the Soviet Union joining the western allies against Japan could be seen in that way...

On 18 August, several Soviet amphibious landings had been conducted ahead of the land advance: three in northern Koreaone in South Sakhalin, and one in the Chishima Islands. In Korea at least, there were already Soviet soldiers waiting for the troops coming overland. In Karafuto and the Chishimas, that meant a sudden and undeniable establishment of Soviet sovereignty.

On 10 August, the US government proposed to the Soviet government to divide the occupation of Korea between them at the 38th parallel north. The Americans were surprised that the Soviet government accepted. Soviet troops were able to move freely by rail, and there was nothing to stop them from occupying the whole of Korea.[35] Soviet forces began amphibious landings in northern Korea by 14 August and rapidly took over the northeast of the peninsula, and on 16 August, they landed at Wonsan.[36] On 24 August, the Red Army entered Pyongyang and established a military government over Korea north of the 38th parallel. American forces landed at Incheon on 8 September and took control of the south

DJ Some claim the Soviet Union could invade Japan...Korea has been a Japanese colony for decades, invading South Sakhalin, taking over the Kuril Islands did bring the Soviet Union close to invading [url][/url] or ; Although there were Japanese settlers who ruled the southern tip of the island since the 16th century, Hokkaido was considered foreign territory that was inhabited by the indigenous people of the island, known as the Ainu people.[3] While geographers such as Mogami Tokunai and Mamiya Rinzō explored the island in the Edo period,[4] Japan's governance was limited to Oshima Peninsula till the 17th century

DJ; "balance of power" restored may have been a basic idea of the major western allies (US, UK). Beat Germany, Italy, Japan but do not destroy them....(but use them...for your own goals). 

After 1945 most of Asia ended up with decolonization-wars and new conflicts (India-(East)Pakistan, [url][/url] or and [url][/url] or ).

It may be hard-but there is NO military solution for most of those conflicts. Pakistan-India can destroy each other, North/South Korea same story...The main reason why North Vietnam could take over the south was the South Vietnam "government" was that corrupt and hated it had no public support any longer...

China (PRC) can take action against China/Taiwan ROC (Republic Of China).  The Russian action against Ukraine is NOT the same...(Ukraine has a mixed history with Russia, but also Turkish influences, Polish/Lithuanian background. Taiwan claims also to be (part of) China...).  The US -pelosi 82- visit to Taiwan can only be seen as US provocation...IF pelosi would first visit the PRC and then ROC/Taiwan maybe it could serve some good...

-So instead of trillions of $/€ going to fight the pandemic we see that money going to more weapons...Maybe trade unions could go for national strikes to force governments to "do their job"-protecting public health !

According to Bloomberg it is "surprising" Monkeypox is spreading among kids. And watching it "extremely closely" is the World Health Organization. Do we need "watching"? Watching doesn't solve anything. Antipcation and action solve the problem.

[url][/url] or  what part of aerosol-spread the WHO does not understand ? 

BA.2 samples in Amsterdam without L452R, L452Q or L452M (like most BA.2.75) in the last 4 weeks were 4, 2, 0, 3. I am very curious to see what the 3 from this week will turn out te be!

DJ...we have (lots of) CoViD-"waves"...what did change is there may be less and less a dominant sub-variant...more a "mega-mix" of all kinds of CoViD-(sub)variants possibly able to infect a host at the same time...We could be missing a lot of co-infections BA.5/BA.2 subvariants or "Omicron"-Monkeypox...

We don not need the US #3 in power structure (after the president and vice president) visiting Taiwan...A high rank military Japan-delegation in Taiwan while Japan is dealing with very high CoViD cases...

This pandemic is political...close to "genocide by pandemic"! With "leaders" making matters worse not better ! Why do we accept this ?

End of part 2

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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Music; [url][/url] or Tina Charles -1976- I Love To Love (and her baby only loves dancing....)

Message; live now ! 

Coffee; No new news on Taiwan, as expected biden testing positive for CoViD...

U.S. COVID update: - New cases: 160,145 - Average: 131,018 (-759) - States reporting: 31/50 - In hospital: 44,033 (-554) - In ICU: 5,081 (+30) - New deaths: 543 - Average: 440 (+2)

compared to [url][/url] or US new cases there for saturday 15,679, deaths 31...friday -july 29- 99,061 new cases, 286 deaths...(would biden be defined as a new case ?)

#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates  TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS): 24.56% BA.5.2.1 10.63% BA.5.1 10.29% BA.5.5 8.87% BA.5.2 7.42% BA.2.12.1 7.28% BA.4.1 6.25% BA.5.6 4.49% BA.5 4.05% BA.4 2.99% BA.4.6   Tracker: #OmicronUpdates 07/30/22 

and [url][/url] or in the US BA.2.75 still under 0,1%...

[url][/url] or UK cases also (still) going down...

[url][/url] or Asia only region with both cases (+12%) and deaths (+28%)...Japan reporting over 1,3 million new cases last 7 days, 617 deaths...Also Oceania deaths +44%...Australia had 670 deaths in the last 7 days...(testing positive for CoVid-being reported-death within 28 days after positive test). 

[url][/url] or Spain reporting second monkeypox death, total (Brazil also 1) now 3...most likely serious underreporting...

We are down from 99% of monkeypox in men who have sex with men to under 85% in Spain. This is at a point in time, not a fixed result. And this is without wide testing I am guessing we didn't get lucky.

and of course a virus may start its spread in a certain group or does spread wider...Monkeypox also via aerosol/contact -surface...

Lil variant update: The fight now is BA.2.75 vs BA.5.2+Orf1b:1050N BA.5.2.1 +S:1020S BA.5.2.1+ N:33F BA.4 +S:346 mutated BA.5 +S:346 mutated BA.2.38.2 BA.2.38+S:478R/1264L BA.2.75 'd win easily against BA.5  but not vs the ones mentioned above.

DJ Will the BA.2.75 "like subvariants" take over from the BA.5.2 subvariants ? Or will they co-spread ? 

I would welcome info on CoViD-Monkeypox co-infections...must be hundreds of cases....will result in more disease. Maybe I am missing something ? 

End of part 1...maybe find news & time for a part 2-will focus on the "Taiwan crisis"...latest news/nuclear war. No doubt Russia on the side of China. pelosi [url][/url] or on an East Asia tour when the US is increasing weapons sale to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan...

DJ -North Korea could do "something stupid" (or false flag ?) -only further increasing US "main export";war...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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In latest news-Nuclear War I did write my view on the "Made-in-the-USA" global crisis; some countries may NOT welcome pelosi if she also plans to "visit Taiwan". (DJ-Malaysia could be most likely...but maybe even Taiwan itself may no longer be willing to welcome pelosi...There is China-Taiwan "trade & travel"...why give that up for a pelosi-visit ?).


Some stories;

[url][/url] or and [url][/url] or in Spain new monkeypox cases only 85% of new cases in gay men...Spread via air/surface a more important factor...

Another thread, in Spanish, about a guy who was covered in Monkeypox sores, travelling on a tube train. When asked why he wasn’t isolating, he said his doctor had told him he didn’t need to isolate as monkeypox is a disease only found in gay men! It’s another superspreader event in the making.

DJ...monkeypox only a risk for gaymen is non-sense ! There is NO !!!! gay-virus !!! The second-hand scooter driver shaked hands buying a scooter-got infected...

[url][/url] or July 2 !!!!!;

Two new preprints just published shed light on possible transmission routes for the Monkeypox virus, in particular, on the possibility of surface contamination as a vector for infection.

A survey of a UK patient’s accommodations post-infection showed that numerous surfaces had been contaminated.

” Monkeypox virus DNA was identified in multiple locations throughout both properties, and monkeypox virus was isolated from several samples three days after the patient was last in these locations.”


The second preprint, from Germany, looked at contamination of surfaces in hospitals following the treatment of patients with Monkeypox. This research also found Monkeypox virus on numerous surfaces.

“We systematically examined surfaces of two hospital rooms occupied by monkeypox patients and the adjacent anterooms, which are used for donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE), for monkeypox virus contamination using PCR. In addition, we assessed the infectivity on cell culture of the collected samples by virus isolation.”

DJ...Monkeypox spreading in bars, hotels, hospitals...even supermarkets...

[url][/url] or (TMN) and of course more cases=more mutations=more variants !!! [url][/url] or  now including 2 more deaths (Ghana, India) so 5 monkeypox deaths-many will follow !

Is there interaction between CoViD and monkeypox in hosts catching both diseases-no doubt ! How many HIV+ people have monkeypox is an open question...But more cases-mix with other diseases, unwise use of vaccines all make this pandemic worse !

TMN claiming 1,638 monkeypox cases -reported as such- now in hospitals worldwide. Brain inflamation/encephalitis a major killer...Sex-tourism will become a major spreader in poor countries (and most of the spread/new cases-both via sex, aerosol/surface contacts may no longer be gay-men...). 


Cryptic lineages are highly divergent SARS-CoV-2 sequences that are detected from wastewater but have not been detected in patients.   In total, we have found cryptic lineages in 18/~700 sewersheds we have tested.


We've learned a lot in the last 6 months. 1. Some, if not all, of the cryptic lineages are coming from asymptomatic people with very long-term infections.


2. Most of the cryptic lineages are derived from very early SARS-CoV-2 lineages, but they don't have to be.   We've also seen a cryptic lineage derived from Alpha and two derived from Delta.


3. Some of the cryptic lineages are highly resistant to contemporary immunity.





DJ...we may have missed a lot of CoViD infections...not resulting in symptoms but still spreading & mutating...

And again-"Long/chronic" CoViD IS CoViD !!!! [url][/url] or

4 million full-time equivalent workers out of work because of long COVID.

"That is just a shocking number," says Bach. "That's 2.4% of the U.S. working population."

DJ, Pandemic-strategies in both CoViD and monkeypox are "total disasters" ! Putting "economy first" is ignoring public health resulting in destroying that economy ! 

Like in a fire containment is priority; STOP THE SPREAD ! We are still not doing that....

Second step is-know the risks !!! CoViD may have undermined human immunity in such a degree monkeypox could get major...other diseases WILL ! follow (not "if" but "when"!). 

Of course "science" can produce lots of warnings...but if politics then ignores science there may be "only science for science sake"....

Climate collapse is "not nice or welcome" but we have to react...pandemics also "not nice or welcome"...ignoring them is plain stupid !

"Can't fix stupid will kill us all"!

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein
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