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Does lower viral load give us a chance?

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Topic: Does lower viral load give us a chance?
Posted By: daisygirl
Subject: Does lower viral load give us a chance?
Date Posted: February 20 2006 at 7:15pm

Was just reading some very interesting stuff, the link is under alternative meds. Anyway it went over BF and anti virals and talked about boosting the immune system during the flu ofcourse would be bad bad, but boosting our immunity before it's here in theory would lower total viral load carried by an individual  and the immune system might  more effectively fight the virus and the cytokine storm might never happen.

Can I please get your opinions on this!

Also..this site talked about Resveratrol in which it stated it stops replication, and inhibits a cellular (host) function rsther than just a viral function and because of this it would be difficult for resistance to develope, and also would be effective REGARDLESS of the invading viruses type,strain or antigenic properties. It also reduces cytokine levels and has cytokine inhibiting properties along with anti inflammatory properties.

This sounds great has anyone heard of this?


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