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Mormon food storage

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Topic: Mormon food storage
Posted By: Pixie
Subject: Mormon food storage
Date Posted: June 07 2013 at 10:02am
Food storage has been a tenet of their religion. Imagine being taught to be self-sufficient fr

Why Do Mormons Store Food?

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- These types of situations take planning and thought. When a storm arrives, everyone rushes to the store at the last minute and usually find the bottled water and flashlights are already sold out. When illness strikes or unemployment occurs, there is often little or not warning. We have to be ready before it starts.

- To begin, Mormons learn to live below their means. They avoid debt and learn to live without everything they might want. This is not to say they avoid all non-necessities, but they learn to choose them carefully and to buy only what they can afford right now. They build their savings so they are prepared for hard times.

- In order to ensure they will never go hungry they are encouraged to store food. Many foods have a shelf life lasting years. They begin by stocking up on those items that would keep them alive if there was nothing else, such as wheat. Then they begin to gradually—a few items at a time—add other foods they want to have on hand. This has an immediate impact of reducing food costs. When they are well-stocked, they can buy only in bulk or on sale. They don’t leave the food in the basement to spoil. Instead, new food goes into the storage and when they need to replace something in the kitchen, they bring up the oldest item from their food storage. They rotate their supplies, using them, not wasting them. This also means they don’t store more than they can use or share. (Many store extra and then donate some to a food bank if there is no emergency that causes them to share with friends.)

- When a storm hits, Mormons don’t have to hurry to the store, leaving more supplies for others. When they find themselves too ill to shop or have a financial emergency, they can rest easy knowing they will be able to eat and that there is money in the bank to handle the problems. The lacks of debt makes it less expensive to live and easier to get through a crisis.

- Preparedness is a Biblically-sanctioned principle. When the great flood was about to begin, God did not hand Noah a pre-built ark stocked with food and animals. He sent Noah to build his own ark and to stock it himself, preparing for a long time in which he would not be able to care for himself in the usual way. Joseph’s vision in the Old Testament allowed the Pharaoh to build supplies during the good years to provide for his people during the lean years. God is always prepared to step in and help us, but He does expect us to make some sacrifices in advance to prepare ourselves. Then he makes up the difference.

- - Mormon Preparedness

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Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: June 07 2013 at 10:30am
Thank you for your wonderful reasons for why Mormon's store. I worked with a young lady who is Mormon and we had a wonderful time talking about storage of all items.

Most of us here on this blog prep for the same reasons...we don't know what will happen and to prepare we are secure that we can help our families and others survive.

I agree go to Mormon Preparedness you will learn a bunch!!

Posted By: adlena
Date Posted: August 16 2013 at 12:26am
thanks ofr sharing such a wonderful post, quite informative

pass4sure -

Posted By: Satori
Date Posted: August 16 2013 at 9:01am

LDS Preparedness Manual

free download

or purchase a hard copy at cost (I recommend this)

this is one of the best books on preparedness around

I highly recommend it

it is interspersed with Mormon theology but dont let this dissuade you

this is an excellent overall resource 

Posted By: CStackDrPH
Date Posted: August 16 2013 at 9:15am
Another reason that Mormons store food is to help others in the case of natural disasters, household emergencies etc.   I've seen Mormons respond to massive flooding in Tulsa, OK back in the 1980's, their energy and organization was very impressive.

I'm not LDS (Latter Day Saints) but have many good friends & former employers/work associates who are.  They have developed a remarkable societal support system, and they are willing to share their generosity beyond the members of their faith.  


Posted By: lourencohen
Date Posted: April 01 2014 at 11:49pm
Mormons are mistaken by the whole world as terrorists. Media played a great role in categorizing them as terrorists.  Thanks man for finding out time to explain who the Mormons really are and ow they live. Your article was very helpful to know about Mormons life style.

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