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Sudan, Africa: Rift Valley fever

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Topic: Sudan, Africa: Rift Valley fever
Posted By: Technophobe
Subject: Sudan, Africa: Rift Valley fever
Date Posted: November 12 2019 at 4:16am
Outbreak Update

UN OCHA report, 7 November 2019:

According to a new update report, “Rift Valley Fever Sudan” by UN OCHA, published Thursday 7 Nov 2019, 31 new human cases, including 2 deaths, have been added since 30 Oct 2019 in the 6 affected states in Sudan. The total number of human RVF cases, since the onset of the disease on 28 Sep 2019 until 4 Nov 2019, is 279, including 9 deaths. The case fatality rate is 3.2%.

Albayan Weekly newspaper, 7 November 2019:

Director of the Egyptian Animal Health Research Institute, Dr. Mumtaz Shaheen, said that a mobile laboratory equipped with a veterinary and technical team has been installed in Aswan to address the Rift Valley fever issue related to the outbreak of the disease in Sudan. From the results of analysis and prompt reporting of sampling results, appropriate decisions can be made to protect Egypt’s livestock.

Dr. Mona Mehrez, deputy minister of Agriculture [for Animal, Fish and Poultry Resources], has pointed out the importance of coordination with the governorate to carry out pesticide spraying against flies and mosquitoes, in particular addressing ponds, swamps, and barns inside various villages and remote areas and markets, especially in foci and areas where there is livestock.

Disinfectants and insecticides should be systematically applied in river transport vessels intended for passengers as well as cargo barges operating between Halfa ports in Sudan and the Aswan High Dam as one of the measures to prevent epidemic diseases, including Rift Valley fever, foot-and-mouth disease, and dengue fever.

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