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America, Sometimes You Disgust Me.

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Topic: America, Sometimes You Disgust Me.
Posted By: Technophobe
Subject: America, Sometimes You Disgust Me.
Date Posted: November 29 2019 at 1:38pm
Technophobe: I spotted this alongside the article on ebola in the Congo. We all sit here and say how stupid, misguided and cruel the rebles over there are for killing the ones trying to save them. Well, it seems the "civilized" West is just as bad.

Ohio Bill Says Doctors Must Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancy or Be Jailed for ‘Abortion Murder’
Nico Hines

London Editor
Updated Nov. 29, 2019 7:43AM ET /
Published Nov. 29, 2019 7:38AM ET

Ohio lawmakers have introduced legislation that would jail doctors for “abortion murder” unless they reimplant ectopic pregnancies in the uterus. Unfortunately, there no such procedure in medical science. Ectopic pregnancies, where the embryo is implanted in the fallopian tube, can be fatal for mothers. Legislators have been told in the past that this fantasy operation cannot be done. Ohio obstetrician and gynecologist Dr David Hackney wrote on Twitter: “I don’t believe I’m typing this again but, that’s impossible. We’ll all be going to jail.” The bill proposes punishing women and girls as young as 13 with “abortion murder” if they have an abortion, and creates a new law called “aggravated abortion murder” which would be enforced with the death penalty.

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Technophobe: Hubby's second wife had an ectopic pregnancy. They are not "sometimes fatal". If untreated they are always fatal - usually within hours!!!

The fetus always dies - ALWAYS. The mother dies if untreated, sometimes despite treatment. She dies in absolute agony too.

How did this ignorant, superstitious, sadist get to make legislature?

Posted By: carbon20
Date Posted: November 29 2019 at 1:46pm
God bothers........

Abortion is Women's choice

And should always up to the women involved


Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: November 29 2019 at 3:42pm
I am not sure I would go that far, Carbon. But essentially, I agree with you.

In my own way I am religious, so I can see the argument from the other side. But anyone ignoring reality to fulfill a religious tenet is, by definition, insane. Horribly so, when they increase suffering as a result.

There is an argument for men having some input - especially when it is their child and planned. The final say should probably be the woman's though, as she is going to have to carry it, birth it and probably supply the majority of its care.

In almost every case there are 3 people affected: mother, child and father. In my personal, humble opinion the degree of distress caused to all three has to be considered. The majority of that is likely to fall on the mother. So the buck stops there - most often.

Posted By: carbon20
Date Posted: November 29 2019 at 8:38pm
Not many Men are "LEFT holding the baby"

And after all,

What is contraception for.......

I am a fan of the TV programme. "long lost families"

I wonder what is worse for the Mothers,

giving up your baby after having known it,

or taking a pill and moving on......

And not living with the guilt and worry of what happened to your child,

The worry seems to be the underlying sorrow of these poor women forced to give up their baby......

That's what comes across in the TV show

Posted By: Technophobe
Date Posted: November 30 2019 at 5:10am
One of the worst senarios for the child is being given up. I knew a girl back in the 80s who grew up in a children's home. Having been "rejected" coloured her whole life with misery. "Why did no one want me!" She howled in my living room.

Abortion is hard on the mother. (I knew a couple of girls who did.) They grieve for their child. As a species we are primed to nurture kids. But it probably beats the misery of the unwanted child HANDS DOWN! So I am profoundly offended by those who use it for contraception, but understanding of those who are forced into it by life.

The criminal charges bit should apply to family members who force women into abortion. That is both surprisingly common and completely unforgiveable.

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