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Did you know?

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Topic: Did you know?
Posted By: Little House
Subject: Did you know?
Date Posted: July 17 2020 at 2:48pm

Did you know that kids don’t really get Coronavirus and they don’t really spread it?  

At least that is what my mother was told my her preacher who is organizing a week long summer event for kids at her church.  The event will host kids from the community and will be staffed by church members (in this case, well more than half of the staff will be over 70 years old).  They are hoping to get a lot of kids since most churches have cancelled similar events.  They won’t ask the kids to wear masks, but the adults will (at least part of the time).  They will do some social distancing, but when they have the kids jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs, what good will six feet do?

I did send my mom a link to the CDC recommendations for kids, which includes not attending such events, but if you have any other links I could send her, I would be grateful.

Please don’t see this post as bashing churches.  I find it interesting how different churches can have such different responses to the pandemic.  My church is only 15 minutes from my mom’s and of the same denomination, but has taken a very different approach. We have so many restrictions in place that no one would even suggest such an event at my church.  Church can be done right, but only if those in charge see a reason to do so.

Posted By: KiminNM
Date Posted: July 19 2020 at 9:37am

This has been posted on the forum already -

6 month old dies -

Results from Twitter search of  Covid ECMO children -

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