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Vacciine distributon problems

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Printed Date: November 27 2020 at 11:31pm

Topic: Vacciine distributon problems
Posted By: EdwinSm,
Subject: Vacciine distributon problems
Date Posted: September 10 2020 at 2:09am

The BBC has an interesting article on the need to start planning for possible vaccine distribution" rel="noopener noreferrer -

Quote Shipping a coronavirus vaccine around the world will be the "largest transport challenge ever" according to the airline industry.

The equivalent of 8,000 Boeing 747s will be needed, - the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said.

There is no Covid-19 vaccine yet, but IATA is already working with airlines, airports, global health bodies and drug firms on a global airlift plan. 

The distribution programme assumes only one dose per person is needed.

The scope of the problems is summed up:-

Quote Flights to certain parts of the world, including some areas of South East Asia, will be critical as they lack vaccine-production capabilities, he added.

and poor Africa (but if we believe their official figures then they don't need it!)

Quote Distributing a vaccine across Africa would be "impossible" right now IATA says given the lack of cargo capacity, size of the region and the complexities of border crossings.

Posted By: carbon20
Date Posted: September 10 2020 at 5:53am

let's face it the 3rd world will be last to get any vaccine....

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.🖖

Marcus Aurelius

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