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Natural boundary protection

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Topic: Natural boundary protection
Posted By: EdwinSm,
Subject: Natural boundary protection
Date Posted: August 29 2021 at 10:53pm

There have from time to time been posts about natural boundary protection, the most recent one I remember being using wild roses.  I also have a barberry hedge, but it has too many gaps to be an effective barrier all the way along the road side.

The following example is from India, where a huge hedge for custom purposes was built.  Of course the plants might not be suitable where we are, but I offer it as a chance to think about natural barriers, especially if there can be some fruit obtained from them so serving both as defense and as a production addition to the larder.

Quote The natural living barrier was described as "utterly impassable to man or beast", and snaked across India from the Indus River to the Mahanadi. -

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