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So if Covid waves come one after the other?

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Printed Date: January 27 2023 at 12:13am

Topic: So if Covid waves come one after the other?
Posted By: Littlesmile
Subject: So if Covid waves come one after the other?
Date Posted: January 21 2022 at 7:27am

I think of Covid waves like those big surfing waves. Some are big and some are massive but you get a break in the middle. To catch your breath and prepare for the next big one. 

What would happen if one came straight after another instead? Smaller yes but with no break. What swimming this could obviously be much more dangerous. 


Posted By: Dutch Josh
Date Posted: January 21 2022 at 7:59am

We are moving into that direction with BA.2 Omicron on the rise and a few Delta-subvariants also increasing-BA.1 Omicron now decreasing in some places....But France, Italy could be in a phase that the total number of cases stay high...

BA.1 infection does seem to offer limited/no protection against BA.2 infection...very likely people can get BA.2 more then once...

"Mild" may be "milder then most Deltavariants...but catching BA.2 over and over is very bad news....

We had several variants in reason to expect we will not get several-more-variants in 2022. The very high level of spread-millions of cases per day-means most likely more mutations/variants...proberbly more regional differences.

BA.1 Omicron is "slow" in spreading and people dying from it South Africa numbers indicate...

Politics is out of contact with reality...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

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