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February prepping

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Topic: February prepping
Posted By: KiwiMum
Subject: February prepping
Date Posted: February 03 2022 at 11:08am

At the beginning of this month, I finished off what I was planning for next month. I had cleaned up and restocked all our candle sticks and bought some small boxes of matches, one for each candle holder and then put them around the house in case of emergency. I also hunted out our kerosene hurricane lamps which was a bit of task. I have found 3 but I know there are 2 red one somewhere, I just haven't found them yet. So this week I've been cleaning the three I found, and heavens they needed it. I've washed the glass and then it took about 15 minutes to properly clean each one. I have some spare wick for them but they have enough in them for now. I've rehung them in the woodshed and put a bottle of kerosene on the floor underneath them. I didn't fuel them up as it would evapourate and also I thought it would be an unnecessary fire risk in an earthquake with kerosene sloshing all over the place. 

This month I'm planting up our first winter lettuce boxes for the greenhouse. I've also managed to secure 7 cast iron bathtubs and I'm going to turning them into self wicking vegetable beds. Well that's the plan anyway............

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