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Printed From: COVID-19 / South Africa Omicron Variant
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Printed Date: February 23 2024 at 9:37pm

Topic: Infection
Posted By: ME163
Subject: Infection
Date Posted: February 22 2022 at 9:56am

Jill and Becky again, 

ME and Vicki are doing well, ME has been taking heart medication since his heart attack 10 days ago. He is doing well, the heart attack was mild so he's going to be ok.  Vicki is going to see a specialist next month in St. Louis.  She has a COPD issue that needs to be monitored. We are working on a plan to ease them into normal life.  ME is eager to go back to work and Vicki would like to do some traveling.  We are going to be with them for the rest of their lives.  It's pretty well a family now , since the kids call ME and Vicki, grandad and grandma.  I am always amazed at the courage and grit of both of them.  They are  always asking about the group and what is going on.   Thank you all for your support over the past 2 years. It's been a real roller coaster of emotions caring for them.  

Jiil and Becky. 

Posted By: KiwiMum
Date Posted: February 22 2022 at 11:21am

I'm sorry to hear about ME's heartattack. That's scary. Please wish him a speedy recovery. A cousin of mine had a heart attack about 3 weeks ago, 8 days after being diagnosed with covid. Thankfully also a mild one with no permenant damage, he's 56. It must be due to the blood clots that Covid causes, certainly the cardiac doctor who saw my cousin was of that opinion. He has also developed an infection and has just finished his 3rd round of antibiotics. Scary!

Those who got it wrong, for whatever reason, may feel defensive and retrench into a position that doesn’t accord with the facts.

Posted By: WitchMisspelled
Date Posted: February 25 2022 at 6:29pm

Please give ME (and Vicki) my best for a speedy recovery

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