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Monkeypox and Covid Vaccine Spike Protein

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Topic: Monkeypox and Covid Vaccine Spike Protein
Posted By: cobber
Subject: Monkeypox and Covid Vaccine Spike Protein
Date Posted: June 10 2022 at 8:07pm

While I'm here with Covid, I came across this video.

It discusses the possibility of the spike protein from the Covid vaccination interacting with Monkeypox. it may be the reason why Monkeypox is spreading. -

Maybe something to think about...

Posted By: Dutch Josh
Date Posted: June 11 2022 at 1:44am

Interesting video....however the most used global vaccines are NOT mRNA ones....The idea of mRNA-"spikes" making the spread of monkeypox so much easier however-I think-may be interesting...

[url][/url] or - ..."reuters" pseudo "fact check" fails to answer a very basic question (also in the video cobber-link) what is the vaccination staus of monkeypox patients ????

[url][/url] or - has 1,536 cases. [url][/url] or - has some more info-1,480 cases....

DJ...UK health keep pushing "gay monkeypox" stories...UK has over 366 monkeypox cases confirmed..."cases leveling off"= stop testing ????

WHY !!! is there still no info on CoViD(vaccine) links in (UK) monkeypox cases ?  It should not be such a hard job ! [url][/url] or -  

People could be more vulnerable after getting vacinated for a few days-building immunity...But also (asymptomatic) CoViD could decrease immunity against a new -fast mutating- monkeypox virus. (Both the hosts and the virus did change !)

[url][/url] or - ;

The UK Health and Security Agency has published its first technical briefing for the Monkeypox outbreak in England.


DJ [url][/url] or - ;CoViD(vaccines) background simply ignored (as seen in hepatitis in children-ignoring CoViD introducing an adeno-virus not even detected in most cases !)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

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