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Monday, december 19 - 2022

Printed From: COVID-19 / South Africa Omicron Variant
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Topic: Monday, december 19 - 2022
Posted By: Dutch Josh
Subject: Monday, december 19 - 2022
Date Posted: December 19 2022 at 12:04am


[url][/url] or - lots of indications from Italy, Brazil of CoViD-19 spreading there in november 2019...[url][/url] or -  

There were some ideas the [url][/url] or - in Wuhan-China october 18-27 in 2019 may have been a spread factor...China claims they imported CoViD in 2019 (as far as I understand). 

Is the discussion on when and where it started relevant ? It may tell us something of the speed subvariants (via mutation) formed/did spread...Also it may tell us more of potential risks...There is a bat-species living in the jungle at the border of China and Laos...very likely it may have played a role...

One other question is if there have been more SARS-like virusses with only limited spread. Maybe not even in humans...


[url],-2-in-us-and-2-in-canada-with-thousands-infected[/url] or,-2-in-us-and-2-in-canada-with-thousands-infected -,-2-in-us-and-2-in-canada-with-thousands-infected DJ-"Immunity debt" playing a role ? Then you have to look at both age of the children and if there has been a sort of lockdown...

If the children are older then the pandemic and/or there has not been a serious lockdown "immunity debt" is "empty"....As far as I understand however (and I am not an expert at all !) "exposure builds immunity" to a certain limit...

Another idea is previous CoViD infections undermined also bacterial infections do increase...Very likely a mix of factors at play...When one looks at M-pox, H5N1-now "all-season' and global, some diseases act in another way then we did see till recent...


[url][/url] or - march 2021

What can exponential growth in climate change tell us of exponential growth in the present healthcrisis ? (And of course there are/have been other pandemics from wich we can learn.)


-It is not the same situation for all, poor suffer more, less care, worse health

-Like the jetstream is meandering more and more-bringing snow to places that never had snow; heat to the Arctic Ocean coast...Disease patterns do change...

-The idea "climate change is increasing temperatures all over the planet 24/7" is wrong...some places get cooler...Translated; Exponential growth in a pandemic does not have to mean cases, deaths increase all the time...variants of CoViD may go for "milder disease" to see more spread...Then higher viral load resulting in more disease...Both steps may result in weaker immunity giving other diseases more room for spread...resulting in less immunity so CoViD may have a better chance of re/co-infection...

-The virus only has "one goal" produce as many new virusses-via hosts-as possible...In climate increased green house gasses = increasing temperatures = increasing all kinds of feedbacks...melting permafrost releasing methane may be a major one...

There will be lots of scientists able to relate exponential growth in climate change with exponential growth in pandemics...A problem with corona virusses is there seems to be no herd/group immunity effect left...An earlier infection does not protect (via the immune system) against another CoViD infection...

In SARS-1 2003 the idea was infection creates immunity...So getting infected would stop (most of) further spread...SARS-2 act, mutating all the time with increasing speed...[url][/url] or - ....


DJ, limited new news...I hope we will learn more on the possible MERS spread in Qatar...or was it "just" a flu ? 

I will take a break for a few take also some distance from "the news" and get a fresh look...

Stay safe & sane all !

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
~Albert Einstein

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